Resolutions…We Have All Tried Them


Every year it seems only logical to make new resolutions and commit to them but does the attempt to fulfill them ever get fully accomplished? If you are guilty of abandoning resolutions shortly after establishing them, make 2014 the year to achieve them. Resolutions may be cliche or sound like a waste of time but give them a try and make an effort to improve the new year from the last. Resolutions can easily make the year more smooth and less stressful. Of course, it is not simple to remain consistent and adjust to your newfound commitment but it could be less challenging if you narrow your resolutions to one or two that you know that you can commit to.

Start off by pin-pointing resolutions that are the most realistic, attainable, and beneficial for you. The most realistic resolutions will evidently be the most rewarding in the end because you know that it is the most attainable for you. For instance, if your resolution is to become more healthy or organized both will only improve your health and well-being -they are essentially achievable and beneficial.

After deciding upon a resolution make sure to keep a record of it. Write it down somewhere you know that you will be constantly reminded so you will be more motivated to pursue your resolution. A sticky note on your computer, bulletin board, or some place obvious (where you know you will see it at least once a day) will help keep it enveloped in your mind. Or write it down in places like a journal or agenda to have a daily reminder. Overall, you want a constant reminder because no one besides yourself can encourage you to reach your goal.

You will then want to set an estimated date that you think that you will be able to achieve your resolution. There will be no immediate results so give yourself a reasonable time gap to see changes. Consider the extent of the goal and measure out how long it will take to significant change. Also create checkpoints in between to keep track of your progress. Mark certain dates that you can check off your progress and where you are in achieving your goal. It will help you determine if you should apply yourself more or if you are in a good shape.

Finally, reward yourself -after all you deserve it. Indulge in a guilty pleasure to remind yourself of all the hard work you did to earn it. For instance, buy something you have been holding off on or treat yourself to a personal day and do things that is rewarding for you.

How To Keep Resolutions:
  • pinpoint your most realistic resolutions
  • write it down (sticky note, journal, agenda)
  • estimate a time frame to see change
  • review your progress
  • reward yourself (indulge in something you like/buy something you’ve held off on)
Common Resolutions:
  • eat healthy
  • sleep more
  • be more organized
  • spend money wisely/less
  • raise grades

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