Tracking The Competition: MHS Boy’s Track Team Win the GBL

BY Chaimae El Adlouni

Dedication, consistency, and ability are the only words that can be used to describe the boys track team. They continually fight for the Greater Boston League title and also entry into the state meets for their events. Each year, more and more competition is brought, and each team is stronger and faster than the one before.

Distance, sprinting, and shotput have incredible athletes that are sure to impress with the Everett and Medford meets won, all thats left are the fierce competitions between the Malden High School boys track team and Somerville and Cambridge teams. Although they won against Somerville the previous year, the Somerville team is still strong and they always bring something new to the plate. Somerville was a close competition, the boys pulled through with a score of 41-42.

The invitationals have motivated the boys to push harder than they have before. Multiple members from the boys track team had great results in the Division 1 State Relays at Reggie Lewis. The boys 4x400m team placed 8th in the whole division with a time of 3:34 in minutes, and the 4x800m and 4x200m team have also well.

A great team is followed by great leaders. The team has looked to its seniors as role models for their future running career. Most seniors on the distance team have been four-year runners, dedicated to running and improving themselves with a goal in mind.

The freshmen have been making history with the “..skill level going up, and [some] freshmen making states..” explains senior Daniel Gould, sure to make the season end with a bang.

The team is focused on the meet against Somerville on Jan. 29, 2014 and hopes to perform to the best of their abilities to come out on top with hopes for qualifying times for states. The boys team is on their way, “in track you don’t have to be an amazing athlete, just dedicated and a [hard worker]” states Gould, a message to all the underclassmen that would like to follow in his footsteps. The track team is improving rapidly, with its exceptional talent; they are sure to win the title and go on to States.

An amazing win by the boys and girls track team against Somerville with a 39-46 score. Each person had stepped up and “did what they had to do” explains Coach David Londino to place and get the points for the team.

The team celebrated their win and began to focus against their rival Cambridge. Cambridge was a great team with strong points in each event, but the boys track team came out on top with a score of 43-38. An incredible moment for the team as well as “very rewarding”states Captain David Kibazo.

The boys winning their first title since 2 years ago, was a very memorable moment. Indoor track has ended but with a win of the GBL title, the boys will be confident going into outdoor track.


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