An image of a Royal Caribbean cruise line. Photo by Roger Wollstadt from Wikimedia

On Jan. 26, 2014, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship announced that they would be arriving from their 10-day trip two days early due to a random sickness that infected over 600 passengers. The sickness was identified as a gastrointestinal illness, which is a disease that targets the stomach and small and large intestines. The source of the outbreak is still unknown; however, gastrointestinal illnesses are usually caused by bacteria or viruses.

The effect of the incident left many passengers as well as people that aren’t on the cruise astonished. The uproar? Many had been complaining that they want to get off the cruise immediately. Symptoms of those who have been infected include vomiting and diarrhea.

The cruise left Jan. 21, 2014 from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, and has been in the Caribbean. Scheduled to return back to its home port on Wed. Jan. 29, 2014, the crew of the ship has reported to various news stations that once they arrive, they will clean the ship more thoroughly. This is one of the reasons why the cruise has announced that they will coming back early: along with preserving the well-being of its passengers, they need to clean the ship.  

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