BY LUCIA QUESADA NYLEN In November 2012, 47-year-old Florida man Michael Dunn was arrested for allegedly killing 17-year-old Jordan Davis. The man stated that he shot in self-defense; however, CNN stated in an article published that same month that police never found any guns in the car that the boy was driving. Now, flash forward to February of 2014, when the case is going to court. The controversy that the case created just added to the fire that had already been started by the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case that also occurred in 2012, where Zimmerman fatally shot Martin, claiming that Martin looked suspicious. The case appeared in court in the summer of 2013, and when the verdict was reached, Zimmerman was found not guilty. The verdict caused an uproar, with many stating that it didn’t give Martin or his family justice. In addition, it didn’t give what many thought Zimmerman deserved, which was life in prison, or the punishment for someone killing another human being. Given the circumstances both cases go hand in hand with each another. Along with the other similarities of the Jordan Davis case happening in Florida as well as the Trayvon Martin case, the actuality was that the scene where Davis was shot was two hours away from where Martin was shot, as reported by The Guardian newspaper. In addition, state attorney Angela Corey of Florida was the prosecutor for both cases. According to CNN, Dunn “feared for his safety” after a confrontation had been made between him, Davis and three of Davis’ friends that were in the car with him. Dunn had ordered Davis to turn down his music, and after that claimed that he heard threats made by Davis. In addition he also told CNN that he had seen a gun in the car of the boys, which was when he reached into his car and grabbed his gun and shot eight or nine times, killing Davis. Dunn is charged with first degree murder of Davis as well as three counts of attempted murder to the three friends of Davis, since he shot at all four boys in the car. He pleaded not guilty on all charges. The uproar in social controversy that has become since these cases have become worldwide. As a result of the verdict reached after the Zimmerman trial, many were upset, claiming injustice and accusing the court of wrongdoing. And for now we can only hope what will be the outcome of the Dunn trial, hopefully ending with Davis and his family being able to have justice for what was done.

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