Posse Scholar: David Kibazo

By AMANDA DE MORAES A prominent member of the Malden High School community, both through sports and academics, David Kibazo has most certainly left his mark on the school. After four years of hard work and dedication, Kibazo can relax, his college plans having been decided; he will be attending Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, where he hopes to “study sciences,” but also learn more about philosophy, writing, and government as well. Kibazo will be continuing the family tradition by winning the POSSE scholarship and attending Hamilton, following in his older brother’s footsteps. He states that this is not the only reason he will be attending Hamilton however. He claims that it “has everything[he] wants in a school.” He enjoys the location and the small campus, along with the fact that it is a liberal arts college, allowing him to study various subjects simultaneously while still having a “great science program.” Kibazo has participated in cross country and indoor and outdoor track, becoming a captain in his last two years of high school. His dedication to all three has gotten him to several first place wins in races. This same dedication can be seen in all other aspects of his life from his dedication to school, as well as to the community. This same dedication will follow him to Hamilton, aiding Kibazo in his endeavors as he leaves MHS and strives for success in the real world.

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