Posse Scholar: Hanh Pham


Photo by Sumya Mohiuddin

Trekking all the way to Granville, Ohio come fall, Malden High School student and Posse scholar Hanh Pham will be attending Denison University, along with a biomedical engineering and a communications double major in mind. After learning about the Posse program early on in her junior year from guidance counselor Erin Craven, Pham was pulled in by the great programs offered by the foundation.

Pham described the application process as “nerve wracking” and “tedious,” but she found the interviews enjoyable, as many of them were activities that involved interacting with new people. “You start to realize who you are in a large group and face to face while you are being interviewed,” expressed Pham.

While deciding her top three schools out of the six offered by Posse, Denison University was not Pham’s initial choice. She “feared of going far away from home.” However, the university’s “study abroad programs, resources and environmental efforts” convinced Pham that Denison was the right fit for her. On a personal note, Pham mentioned that she also “wanted to challenge [herself] and get out there…to grow as a person.”

Pham believes that Denison University will “help [her] become more independent,” as well as make her parents proud. She admitted that “moving from an urban area to a rural area will be a big transition,” but she cannot wait “to make a difference and bring diversity to Denison University.”

The Posse Foundation gave Pham the “privilege to meet amazing people and learn more about [herself].” MHS will surely miss this exceptional student but will be proud to see Pham rise to even greater heights at Denison University.


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