Posse Scholar: Sarah Zeiberg

Photo by Sumya Mohiuddin
In her four years at Malden High School, Posse scholar Sarah Zeiberg has been exploring all the school has to offer her. Through her active participation during her four years, she has risen to president of Speech and Debate team, as well of co-president of Play Production. Her significant involvement in communications has been expressed throughout high school. Because of her leadership role as president in both the Speech and Debate team and Play Production, it would only make sense that Zeiberg aspires to major in communications as well as environmental science. Last year, Zeiberg also participated a fundraiser, in which she raised over 500 dollars for the One Fund with Boston Strong Ribbons, along with her friend, Maggie Chiavelli. Zeiberg was also apart of National Honor Society (NHS), where she had the opportunity to create an after school acting program at Linden S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Academy. All of her accomplishments have led to her brilliant success. Zeiberg will be attending Hamilton college, and is “thrilled beyond belief” that she was given this opportunity. Zeiberg admitted that although the process was long and tedious, it was also “incredibly fun,” and interesting. The interview process was broken up into three rounds, the first of which put over 100 nominees in a  room together, where they participated in activities such as lego building and performing skills, rather than simply sitting down and being asked questions. In the second round, there was a one on one interview where nominees were asked about their high school resume and experience. Finally, the third round was when the potential Posse scholar and interviewer sat in a room together and got to know each other better. The long process paid off. She “[encourages] students to take the opportunities available to them at MHS.” Zeiberg can say that that was the reason her high school years were great.

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