American Not-So-Horror Story


We all have that favorite TV show that we always watch and tell people about. We all have different opinions on what shows we like and dislike. One of my favorite shows happens to be “American Horror Story,” which is aired on FX. I absolutely love the show and never came upon the idea that it was not scary. I  would always argue with anyone who said the show was horrible until one of my classmates had said that the show is only good at the beginning.

I had thought about what he said, and he was right. In each season, only the first couple of episodes really get you thinking and are scary, but after that it just seems like a regular TV drama. In season one, it was the clichéd haunted house, but it was different. Only some of the  ghosts were the type that wanted to kill the main characters; the others were very friendly. There were a lot of plot twists, but towards the end all of the characters die and become ghosts. When another family moved in, they tried scaring them to a point where they wanted to move out and it worked. The last episode just was not a good way to end the season.

Promotional poster for "American Horror Story: Coven."
Promotional poster for “American Horror Story: Coven.”

I remember when they were playing commercials for American Horror Story; it was during an awards show. I had changed the channel when it came on, because I thought it was so scary. The commercials made it seem like it would be so terrifying, when in reality it was not that bad.The second episode of season one was the only episode that really seemed scary.It is the same thing with the opening credits, it has the creepy music and clips of the setting for each season, which look a lot scarier than they really are.

Season two, however, seemed a bit more frightening. This season was called “American Horror Story: Asylum,” and it was about a mental institute called Briarcliff in Massachusetts. There they hire a psychiatrist, who is really the serial killer, “Bloody Face.” It is complete madness and there is a lot of twists and turns, but again, it seems to be a pattern where the second episode is the scariest. Most of the episodes were frightening, but that episode just seemed to be even more frightening. I believe that this season was much better than the first season; it was a lot more interesting and really made you think. The last episode was one of those endings you would not want to happen. It was very surprising and sad; Briarcliff ends up being shut down, and some of its patients died.

“American Horror Story: Coven” was not scary at all. It was about witches and voodoo priestesses that do not get along. There are other teenage witches who are longing to become the next “Supreme,” who is the most powerful witch in the coven. This season just seemed like a regular TV drama. There was no plot twists or surprising episodes. It is my least favorite season. Season four is rumored to be about a circus; hopefully this season will allow this TV series to live up to its name.

This is my favorite show, and I am not saying that it is a bad show; it is just that it could be a little better considering that it is a “horror” show. Also, just the fact that the commercials  make it seem like it is the most terrifying thing on television. It should be called American Not-So-Horror Story.

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