The movie industry is broad and diverse. Among the different genres and styles in film, seldom acknowledge independent films and shorts -or for that matter know what they are. Independent films are typically produced by a filmmaker with a specific and unique vision and is often created on a low budget (unlike most Hollywood productions). They also have limited releases, meaning they can only be found in select theaters. A majority of these films are nominated for various awards and are recognized for their greater meaning and style. They may seem hard to find but to one’s surprise they are a lot closer and more accessible than one would think.

Much of the time those movies are difficult to find and waiting “special screenings” can take a long time. At the Landmark Theatres in Kendall Square one would find some of the most unique and diverse movies that are not released at a typical movie theater and would also notice that they do not stay for long. All movies screen on specific dates and sometimes there are free screenings, with free snacks and drinks, when the company is trying to promote their movie. Check the theaters schedule of the month and attend rare and fun events being held to participate in those free screenings and Many of the movies consist of independent films, cartoons, documentaries, Hollywood movies, and foreign award-winning films.

Landmark Theatres is not alone though, other theaters such as the Somerville Theatre, Coolidge Corner Theater, Brattle Theatre, and the Embassy Cinema all offer different independent films and current releases in local theaters. Sometimes, they even screen throwback movies which could be fun for a night out with a group of friends. Also, if you are looking for a good deal the Apple Cinemas in Cambridge sells movie tickets for $6.75 for general admission which is half the price of a normal ticket at commonly known theaters.The locations of these theaters are deal breakers too because they make the experience of seeing a new type of movie all the more exciting due to the variety of restaurants and shops within the area. Most of these theaters are scattered around the city and have a many options for dinner or lunch.

Explore the diverse movie industry and discover movies that are unlike any other Hollywood production.

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