China’s “9/11” Kills 29 in Kunming


In the Chinese city of Kunming, on Mar. 1st, right after 9 p.m., ten people, dressed in black, walked into a train station armed with knives that were said to be two feet long. They stabbed and killed 29 people waiting in line to buy tickets, and many others in the station who were not fast enough to leave. They also left more the 130 wounded. The police had said they had killed four of the attackers and wounded one, but the other five had gotten away. One of the attackers that they had wounded was a woman who has been taken by the police; the last of the group is being hunted. Many who had left in time had rushed to social media platforms to tell their horrific stories.

Some consider this event terrorism, and others do not. There have been many attacks like this in China, most of them being in schools. They were nothing like this, for this one had had political significance: In the Xinjinag region, 11 terrorists, whom people seem to believe that they were the Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic group that promotes human rights for a region’s minority people, had died, and were involved in violent attacks with Han Chinese people. Now this leads to people thinking that it was they who had planned and executed this attack. Chinese security forces have reported that they have had many run-ins with this Muslim group.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga of Japan told reporters that the government will be attentive to the situation. Many are keeping an eye out for those who had been involved in the attack, but no one has claimed themselves responsible. It was said that this was a very organized attack; people are still searching for more evidence and are eager to find out who had done this. One of the pieces that was found was one was the large knives that was used in the outbreak. The knife had been smeared with blood and had been taken for more information.

This event is now being called China’s 9-11, a scary scene who have left people heartbroken, afraid, furious and scared. A sudden weight will be lifted off of their shoulders once they announce any more information about this event.

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