The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, which is sponsored by The Boston Globe, “recognizes and exhibits, in a central location that is open to the public, student work from all over the state,” and has been for several years. The event is run by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. It begins on Mar. 7, 2014 and ends on Mar. 31, 2014, and it is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at Boston City Hall. Because of the event’s new location, and the addition of minor details, attendees must readjust themselves, but “all the art teachers are delighted, [as they] seem to [have] successfully transitioned.”

Gold Key Winners

Seniors Sudan Zhuang, Ly Huynh, and Mateo Coronado’s time at Malden High School is coming to a close, but not without scoring some gold in their artistic careers. All three winners are under the tutelage of art teacher Mary Ann Seager. Zhuang won her gold key with her “Technology Changes Me” piece, which was created through the use of the digital art medium; the mode of creation helped “[her] to express the ideas and meaning of [her] work.” “Posturing,” an incredible digital work of art depicting a detailed skeleton, was the piece that helped Huynh win her gold key award. Last, but definitely not least, Coronado collected an astounding amount of four gold keys, with an addition four gold keys for his portfolios. Coronado learned of his many wins “[because of] one of [his] art classmates,” fellow gold key winner Sudan Zhuang. He was shocked and surprised, but he “immediately felt [honestly] grateful.”

Silver Key Winners

It is also an applaudable achievement to be selected to receive the coveted Silver Key. Being Arnaldo Silva’s first year in the digital art class taught by art teacher Joseph Luongo, he was doubted by others since he did not take the class Foundations of Art. However, Silva surprised others through his piece “Cat and Fish,” which returned to MHS with an outstanding silver key.  As Silva learned that Luongo’s task for the class was to create something “surreal, …the first thing that popped into [his] head was catfish, so [he] decided to spice it up”, said Silva with laughter. As we can see from her artwork, “Manga Man”, sophomore Daria Lee has “superior observational skills”, as said by Luongo. Lee’s art work scored a gold key, along with senior Florantine Joseph. Art teacher Mary Ann Seager expressed her thoughts on Joseph’s art work, saying that “in all of her artwork, she is [able to find] her voice.”

Honorable Mentions

Also to be noted are the hard working artists who earned honorable mentions for their pieces. Being the only ceramics winner for her “Midnight Rain” piece, teacher Julie Mullane describes junior Rachel Malcolm as a very hardworking person who “loves ceramics.” It is easy to find Malcolm in Mullane’s room during any of her free period or whenever she has time after school. Mullane said Malcolm runs into her room “smiling,” ready to work. Both her pieces, “Manga Kid Portrait” and “Line Pattern Portrait,” won her an honorable mention key. Furthermore, based on past teaching experiences at the Linden Middle School, Luongo described sophomore Jade Liu as “very talented, both as a traditional art student and a digital artist.” With “pretty strong” concepts, sophomore Jeffry Georges’ “B-Boy” also received an honorable mention piece. Luongo believes that Georges is “able to execute his ideas very well,” as seen through his art work. Along with the art department, the MHS community is very proud of how far the students go and how much effort they put into their art, and although honorable mention winners are not put in display, it is a great feeling and honor that the kids are awarded for their dedication to the field of art.


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