By ASHLEY LEUNG Being hypnotized is something a lot of people want to try someday. On Mar. 29, 2014, a few students from Malden High School, as well as members of the community, had the opportunity to be hypnotized. The 29th was marked as Comedy Night, hosted over at the Malden Teen Enrichment Center (MTEC). The event featured famous comedian and hypnotist Joe Devito, and many people who went to watch the show found it an enjoyable night. Many audience members from MHS enjoyed the show greatly, and some even got to participate in the show as volunteers in order to be hypnotized. Comedy Night was a fundraiser planned by Dana Marie Brown, and was the first major fundraiser held by the MTEC. The funds from the tickets sold for the show are going toward the programs offered at MTEC. Devito was hired and performed in Malden many years ago before as well, so it was not his first time here. Although there is no set date for Devito to come back, Devito does love coming to Malden to perform. The show had positive feedback; if there was another show in Malden, the audience members would “definitely come back again.” Principal Dana Brown said that the show “was great fun,” and senior Annie Woolley said that she “[had not] laughed like that in a very long time.” She wishes that more students had been able to go, as she thinks “they would have loved it as much as [she] did.” An earlier version of this article was published, stating that the event was hosted on Apr. 29, 2014, when it was held on Mar. 29, 2014.

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