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In under two hours and twenty-three minutes, the Divergent movie was a complete success with covering the key aspects of the hit trilogy that has been sweeping fans from when the book was first published until now. Fans have been anticipating the arrival of this movie since the release date was exposed but now with phenomenal reviews and raving fans, a new interest, in those who have not heard or read of the trilogy, will make them eager to find out what is so thrilling about this growing triumph. Not only did the movie break box office records but the cast was well chosen and the plot of the movie stayed true to the first novel of the Divergent trilogy, although we will have to see if the following movies will satisfy as much as the first.

Actress, Shailene Woodley plays the role of fearless Beatrice (Tris) Prior who lives in a post-war Chicago that is separated into five factions, which is determined by virtues, to maintain peace. The five factions consist of Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful) , Dauntless (the brave), Erudite (the intelligent), and Candor (the honest), where Tris was born into the Abnegation faction along with brother Caleb, played by Ansel Elgort. Both, sixteen, are to choose to remain in their faction or to switch completely on Choosing Day but first have to take aptitude tests to determine where they belong. To Tris’ surprise she discovers that her tests came back inconclusive and that she is Divergent, meaning that her results consisted of three factions and that her life is in grave danger. Evidently, Tris chooses Dauntless where she adjusts to the new fearless, lifestyle and has to fight to become top ten in order to pass initiation to remain Dauntless. Through a series of battles and competition, Tris encounters defeat as well as victory. Also, instructor Four takes an interest in Tris that she returns back rapidly and soon enough a compelling relationship between the two forms. Once Tris passes initiation, she soon discovers a twist that puts her closest friends, family, and even Divergents in jeopardy and she must act immediately to protect the lives of her loved ones.

Not all movies will be identical to the novel but Divergent does an adequate job at excludingscenes without it being such a commotion. Yes, some minor scenes and characters are not included throughout the movie but there is a limited amount of time and whatever is most important has to be included before minuscule details. It was very disappointing at first but all factors of creating a movie has to be taken into consideration such as the time restraint, a possible future plan for a character not included yet, and more. The costume, design, action, computer additions, and more substitute the lack of minor details because aside from that tiny aspect the movie was spot on with costume design and the setting of the futuristic but run-down Chicago. Divergent was an accurate portrayal of the novel and succeeded at bringing the author’s words and vision to life.Divergent Soundtrack Cover

To accommodate with the bellicose mood as well as the romantic aspects, the Divergent soundtrack pairs well with the movie. From Ellie Goulding to M83, the soundtrack is very diverse and ranges from various artists and genres. Many up and coming artists are also recognized on the album, such as seventeen year old, Pia Mia who sings “Fight for You” featuring Chance The Rapper. The amount of tracks focused on both action and romance balance each other out perfectly because the album does not seem focused on only one aspect of the movie. From tracks focused on the brewing romance between Tris and Four to tracks focused on the distress forming between Erudite and the Abnegation, the album covers the most significant elements of Divergent.


Track Listing:

1.“Find You”  Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant

2.“Beating Heart”  Ellie Goulding

3.“Fight for You”  Pia Mia featuring Chance The Rapper

4.“Hanging On” (I See MONSTAS remix) Ellie Goulding

5.“I Won’t Let You Go”  Snow Patrol

6.“Run Boy Run”  Woodkid

7.“Backwards”  Tame Impala featuring Kendrick Lamar

8.“I Need You”  M83

9.“In Distress”  A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein

10.“Lost and Found” (ODESZA remix) Pretty Lights

11.“Stranger”  Skrillex and KillaGraham featuring Sam Dew

12.“Dream Machines”  Big Deal

13.“Dead in the Water”  Ellie Goulding


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