The Warp Zone: The 74th Annual Junior Varieties

Hosts Elijah Jean Baptiste, Nico Quesada Nylen, and Alana Burdine.

The junior class worked vigorously to make this year’s Junior Varieties one that was unforgettable. The show was made possible with help from Malden High School staff Berenice Diaz and Paula Valente. Cast and crew continually practiced, going late into the night to have a flawless performance, and that it was. “It is very time consuming. There was a lot of tough work, but it is worth it.” stated junior Nick Hames. Diaz and Valente commend the cast and crew for working hard and are proud of the entire team.

“Everybody worked together and brought the show together; I couldn’t be prouder.” mentioned Valente. Guidance from her and Diaz has been vital to the show’s overwhelming success. Both nights, the auditorium was completely filled with people eager to enjoy the show. Junior Sebastian Patino expressed that “they really push us to be the best that we can be.”

Junior Varieties is one of MHS’ most coveted traditions, always hosted by the junior class of the year. The show is one of the best fundraisers MHS has to offer which helps to fund senior prom as well as other events that the class puts on for themselves.

Julia Vanella, a beloved member of MHS’ junior class had recently passed away, so the show was dedicated to her in memoriam along with acknowledgements to another student, Ayoub Mahou, who also passed away earlier in March. The show began with a touching video dedicated to Vanella, reminding the entire audience that though she might be gone, she will forever be remembered. Principal Dana Brown acknowledged  Mahou‘s passing in the start of the production as well.

The show proceeded to open with a number featuring members from numerous different acts dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Junior hosts Elijah Jean Baptiste and Alana Smith introduced the theme of the production to be time travel. Between each act, the duo jumped into their time machine and entered a different time era where they would only become more frazzled and frustrated trying to find their way back to modern day.

Sophomore Sarah Viera sang a powerful piece by Pink titled “Glitter in the Air.” The dance group Flashback, featuring senior Kim Du, senior Naiya Kapadia, senior Julia Ly, sophomore Kamila Regalado, senior Tiffany Wong danced an energetic routine with creative choreographic moves that kept the audience’s eyes glued on the stage.

Junior Kierra Sweeney performed a lively Irish step dance routine that incorporated Boston pride. Following Sweeney was Hames and senior Cori Malone each on guitar singing an acoustic version of “She Will be Loved” by Maroon Five.

Juniors Sukey Lu and Yating Lu performed an insync number that reflected each other’s dance movements with subtle hints of hip hop. A reenactment of Brown’s performance in the 36th annual Junior Varieties featured junior Dylan Hamilton singing to “There is Nothin’ Like a Dame” by Richard Rodgers accompanied by junior Dominic Pappagallo on piano.

Overall the show showed a diversity in grades with one freshmen, several sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Though some seniors feel sad that this is the last Junior Varieties they will participate in, they are proud of the show that has been produced.

The show’s finale featured Airbound, who often performs at other MHS events, with an acrobatic hip hop routine to close the show with a bang. Their performance received a thunderous applause with hoots and hollers.

Junior Varieties embodies the spirit of MHS. It displays the dedication and passion that the students as well as faculty have for their school.

Cast and crew of the 74th Annual Junior Varieties. Photos by Emma Ceplinskas and Manale Zouhir

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