Italian teacher Adrienne D’Agostino posing for a teacher profile picture.
Italian teacher Adrienne D’Agostino posing for a teacher profile picture.
By  TATYANNA CABRAL & ANNA POWERS This year, Malden High School is welcoming  Adrienne D’Agostino, the newest addition to the Italian department. It is her first year teaching at a high school, but she is adjusting to the new atmosphere. Before D’agostino came to MHS, she taught at Wilmington Middle School, a nursery school, and was a student teacher at an elementary school in Revere. In total, D’Agostino has been teaching for two years. D’agostino graduated from Winthrop High School, and later graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst where she double majored in Italian and History. She wanted to become a high school teacher because she believes that “it [is] the best age to teach foreign languages.” In her classroom, D’agostino has students working in groups because she believes that it is a more effective way of learning. Sophomore Josh Simon commented that “[D’Agostino’s] class has been fun. She really knows what she is talking about.” Simon added that she “makes things interesting.” Learning about the history of Italy is a big component in D’Agostino’s class. Her students are excited and look forward to learning Italian. D’Agostino gained an immense amount of knowledge of the Italian culture from her many visits to Italy. She had spent a semester of college there and went numerous other times with friends and family. Outside of Malden High School, D’Agostino participates in zumba classes, and enjoys to ski and camp. D’Agostino advises students to  “pay attention, take good notes, and ask lots of questions.” Though D’agostino is still getting lost around the hallways of MHS, she looks forward to teaching and sharing her knowledge with others.

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