BY CHAIMAE ADLOUNI & ASHLEY LEUNG Aries: Birthday: March 21-April 19 General Traits: Independent, Generous, Courageous Weekly Overview: This week is going to be in your favor and you should pursue your ideas to see what path they lead you on. Focus on the goal and not the journey. Taurus: Birthday: April 20-May 20 General Traits: Dependable, Loyal, Patient Weekly Overview: Watch out for a pop quiz this week. Many activities that require socializing will be in the way, but do not stray from your objective. Gemini: Birthday: May 21-June 21 General Traits: Clever, Witty, Imaginative Weekly Overview: You might need to partner up with another person for class or homework. Look out for an influencing shadow in your direction. Cancer: Birthday: June 22-July 22 General Traits: Adaptable, Sensitive, Responsive Weekly Overview: Work things out on your own, and take time to relax from the stress of everyday life. A burst of energy will come as the week progresses. Leo: Birthday: July 21-August 22 General Traits: Confident, Ambitious, Encouraging Weekly Overview: Romance might be on its way this week, keep an eye out. This week will be all about your drive to get past your tests and quizzes. Virgo: Birthday: August 23-September 22 General Traits: Analytical,Precise,Helpful Weekly Overview: Keep an open mind for all distractions. Watch out for a test that may be on its way, focus on getting work done and studying instead of procrastinating. Libra: Birthday: September 23- October 23 General Traits: Graceful, Peaceful, Kind Weekly Overview: Happy birthday, Libras! You'll have a smooth week ahead, but do remember to keep yourself motivated at all times. Don't let laziness take over. Scorpio: Birthday: October 24- November 21 General Traits: Loyal, Passionate, Observant Weekly Overview: Sometimes a break is needed; in your work schedule, make sure to add in some study breaks to keep yourself from feeling too stressed. Sagittarius: Birthday: November 22-December 21 General Traits: Independent, Philosophical, Knowledgeable Weekly Overview: School is definitely important, but do remember to make time to be with friends this week! Keep an eye out for your relationships with others. Capricorn: Birthday: December 22-January 19 General Traits: Responsible, Ambitious, Patient Weekly Overview: Hallway traffic should be in your favor this week. Watch out especially for teachers and faculty, one bad move and you may get on their bad side. Aquarius: Birthday: January 19-February 19 General Traits: Witty, Innovative, Clever Weekly Overview: Look more at your creative side this week, you might be inspired. This is a great time for you to start looking around outside of school to see what you’re really interested in. Pisces: Birthday: February 20-March 20 General Traits: Devoted, Imaginative, Accepting   Weekly Overview: Stay on top of things this week, don’t feel too overwhelmed with life. You’ll find yourself seeing future opportunities open up this week.

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