Caramel Candy Apples

You will need...

~ Dozen Apples

~ Topping (caramel, sprinkles, cherry syrup, etc..)

~Popsicle sticks (make sure they’re sturdy)

1432   Instructions ~Start by washing all the apples. ~Begin to prepare the toppings. ~Put cherry syrup in a pan, then heat it up to 375 °F for 25 minutes, continue to stir until it melts. ~Heat up caramel in the microwave for 1-2 minutes, then wait till it bubbles. ~While person could be preparing toppings, begin to stick popsicle sticks into the tops of the apples. ~Then when everything is all set up … Take your apples and decorate them anyway you want. Make sure their creative and yummy, Have Fun!    

Pumpkin Carvings

You will need..


~Knifes/Cutting Material

pumpkin1pumpkin2pumpkin3pumpkin4   Instructions ~Set up all materials(Knifes, cutting materials and a bag to put the seeds in) ~Get pumpkin and cut a circle around the stem to create a hole ~After cutting the hole, take out the seeds and remains in the pumpkins and put it in the bag to not make a mess ~After the pumpkin is clean on the inside start carving a face or anything you'd like ~Have fun!!

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