Kim Jong-un Makes Appearance After Month Long Absence

KimJong   After 40 days of speculation, Kim Jong-un finally reappears in the public. It is reported that he was giving guidance to the new Wisong Scientists Residential District and visiting the ┬áNatural Energy Institute of the State Academy of Sciences in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong-un is known from the period in which he threatened to start a nuclear war with the United States and South Korea in April of 2013. He is also known as the man who executed his own uncle because of his attempt to start a military coup.

The leader had not been seen since he was seen at a concert with his wife in early September. Since then, he has missed an important anniversary of the Korean Worker's Party and the Foundation Day of the North Korean State. These missed events have caused lots of speculations concerning either a terrible health issue or a political coup.

Before his disappearance,  he had been limping with a cane in many photos but with no evident cause of pain. This fueled the speculations about his health such as diabetes, a broken ankle, an issue with his hip, or possibly gout, but it appears that he has not said anything about his condition.

The Korean Central News Agency has been working hard at to update Kim Jong-un's current state with photos of him in public. They say that all has returned to the usual daily business in North Korea with no mention of the possible reason why he was not present at the important events. Since North Korea has a history of editing publicly released photographs, many still believe that the nation is hiding the true nature of his going missing.

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