Halloween May Be Over But the Fear Isn’t!


Ouija is a horror film filled with suspense that will have you at the edge of your seat, waiting to see the next twist within the story-line.  When teenager Debbie Galardi, played by actress Shelley Hennig, comes across an ancient ouija board while cleaning her attic, she decides to have some fun communicating with the other side. Debbie becomes terrified and isolated from the  people she loves when the spirits in her house begin to mess with her, and a week later she is found mysteriously killed in her own home. A group of her close friends discover that she was messing around with a ouija board and begin to investigate their friends death.

Laine Morris played by Olivia Cooke, leads her friends in discovering the dark spirits that live inside the house. While trying to contact Debbie they make contact with someone who is identified as D, who Laine immediately thinks is Debbie. Nights later friends Laine, Isabelle, Sarah, Trevor, and Pete receive the message “hi friend”, that only serves to reassure them that the spirit they are interacting with is Debbie. However, it is later discovered that it is not in fact Debbie, but another spirit that lives in the house. This spirit then follows the group leading to the death of Isabelle. Trevor and Laine research the house and find that a young girl by the name of Doris was placed in a mental institution after killing her mother, who she believed killed her sister. Trevor and Laine travel to the institution and meet the living sister, who tells them that their mother killed the other sister and sewed her mouth shut because she believed that spirits were trying to communicate through her. Trevor and Laine head back to the house to fix everything. Doris overcomes her problems with her mother and the group believes that everything is done.

Unfortunately, this is not true as Pete is later killed by Doris. The group then discover that the only way to stop the ghost is to burn Doris's body and the Ouija board. Both Sarah and Laine are attacked by Doris but Debbie's spirit is there to help the girls survive and they manage to burn Doris's corpse and the Ouija board.

As a fan of scary movies, I truly enjoyed this film. I loved the suspense and thrill that I felt throughout the entire movie. I would recommend this movie if you are someone who does not usually watch horror movies, but would like to start. There was not a lot of gore, it mainly consisted of the element of surprise. The actors  did a very good job of portraying the roles of their characters, immediately allowing you to connect with the characters. Overall I would say that this is a perfect first horror movie, not to scary but enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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