Here are the answers to the November Crossword Puzzle:

The Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country, and __________ teams were named GBL Champs this fall sports season. BOYS SOCCER

What is the theme for the second day of spirit week? WACKY TACKY

Senior Helen Chin has been running cross country for how many years? FOUR What local event has attracted both athletes and ghouls for the past 9 years? (FOOGI ______ _____) HAUNT JAUNT

A recent explosion of a rocket set to take supplies to the International Space Station was found at fault by what government agency? NASA

A workout and meal plan posted on our online website is to help stay healthy during what well known holiday? THANKSGIVING

Making school history what MHS team made it to the second round of states this fall season? VOLLEYBALL

One of the schools most prominent extracurricular activities devoted to volunteering is ________. KEY CLUB

The Blue and Gold is celebrating what milestone anniversary? CENTENNIAL

What social networking device allows you to get live coverage of MHS sporting events? TWITTER

What University has MHS worked with in order to install a 3D printer in the school? TUFTS What popular mascot is celebrating a 55th birthday this year? NEDLAM

In the Massachusetts election, a Republican governor was elected. His name is Charlie _____. BAKER

The legalization of this type of business was reinforced by the results of Question #3 on the ballot questions. CASINO

Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin beat Malden city councillor David D’Arcangelo and Green Rainbow Party candidate Danny _____, who debated with Galvin this month at Malden High. FACTOR

The _______ is a popular teen novel by Lois Lowry which was recently made into a movie. GIVER Kailash Satyarthi, an advocate against child labor, won the Nobel _____ Prize for his work in this field. PEACE

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