Spiking The Competition

Having played a really close game against Peabody, the girls lost the first match to them  and then used their whole strength to come back up and beat them with a final score of  3-1. “We all worked so hard,” says junior Sabrina Harrath, “we get to prove ourselves in games and to show all of our ability.” Having confidence that they would eventually bounce back up and pull it together, the girls worked a whole lot to have a successful outcome in that game. “We came in thinking we had a small chance of winning because [Peabody was] seeded second and we were seeded 15th, but they underestimated us,” says Harrath. Some highlights of their games were all their big wins like the one against Salem on Oct 27th with a final score of 3-0.

Matthew Sadowski, coach and MHS guidance counselor, played volleyball in high school and also played in college. “He has a lot of skill,” says Weng, “and he uses it to teach us.” Bailey says that all the girls enjoy it when he plays and interacts with them during practices because not only is it enjoyable for the team but it is also a way for the girls to learn more in depth about the sport. “A lot of coaches don’t do that,” she says about Sadowski joining the girls in occasional practices, and saying that they have a really good time with him when he does.

Before games, the girls practice their serves, sets, hitting lines, and communicating  positively with each other to thrive in future

The Girls Varsity team together for a group photo.
The Girls Varsity team together for a group photo.

games. “Our relationship has grown since the beginning of the season” says Harrath about all of the girls on the team. With ending a triumphant season and hoping to be as successful next year were as they were this year, or even more successful, the varsity girls go home entitled to achieving greatness and prosperity.

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