Volleyball Profile: Kaitlyn Weng

Senior Kaitlyn Weng.
Senior Kaitlyn Weng.

In the process of applying to colleges, senior varsity volleyball player Kaitlyn Weng started helping out with special needs kids ever since sophomore year. “I really enjoy working with special needs [kids],” says Weng and has a desire to work with them after she graduates high school.

Looking into colleges such as Simmons College, Stonehill College, and Salem State University, Weng says that “education is wide open.” She first started playing volleyball in 7th and 8th grade while in middle school and then when she became a freshman she signed up, continuing her journey through hard work and devotion. Weng thinks she will play intramural volleyball in college and likes to teach volleyball for the Malden Recreation Department.

Seniors Aryzona MacDonald and Monique Knight Bailey; who have supported and have been playing with Weng  since middle school, stated that “[Weng] is very close with all the girls on the team.”

“Even if you don’t know volleyball you can always try out” says Weng as advice to anyone who wants to join the volleyball team. Weng uses her younger sister as example: “Shes not the best player on the team but she works hard everyday to become better and better…”. She even talks about her struggle and how her coach didn’t think she was the best player but now Mr. Sadowski says shes “one of the best defensive players on the team”. “Just go for it,” she says because if you never try then you will never know.


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