Malden Public Library Gets Crafty!


On Nov. 22, 2014, local artists Kari Percival and Greg Cook hosted a childrens craft workshop at the Malden Public Library. The workshop consisted of three different art projects based on the theme of winter creatures. Percival stated, “[They] wanted to celebrate the local ecology of where [they] live, and just enjoy the winter time.”

The first craft that was set up was an animal mask station. Children created their life-like masks based on their favorite winter creature. These creations being a popular choice among the workshop participants, with almost every child and parent leaving with a mask.

The second craft the children were inspired to paint was their own unique snowflake. The third craft everyone in which the children’s creativity shone through was painting a winter themed landscape. Paintings were filled with snow, snowmen, reindeers, and plenty more winter wonderland necessities. All three crafts helped to “think about peace and harmony at this time of the year” according to Greg Cook.

The crafting day was filled with hard-work and the children thoroughly enjoyed seeing what they were able to create. “I love seeing the kids so excited to put on their creation, and see that they made something larger than life, and magical,” said Percival. Cook and Percival find satisfaction in giving back their local area through art. Cook stated that “the creative energy the kids bring is unlike anything [she has] ever seen”. A message sent from both Cook and Percival is that art is important, “it makes life more fun and meaningful”.


Children and Parents that participated in this workshop were encouraged to wear and hold their winter wonderland artwork on Nov. 29, 2014 for Malden’s annual Parade of Holiday Traditions.


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