Parade of Holiday Traditions

On the freezing morning of November 29th, many people stood outside their homes and on the streets as the Parade of Holiday Traditions passed by their home. Beginning at the Salemwood School, the 11th Annual Malden Parade of Holiday Traditions continued down Salem St. until it eventually ended at the Malden Teen Enrichment Center.

Many groups from around Malden were involved in this spectacle including Darcy’s Dance Academy and the Malden Bread of Life. The Malden Public Schools also participated in the parade along with the Malden High School band and the Middle School band.

This year’s Grand Marshals were the Drummey Family who rode in a trolley at the front of the parade. Margie, Michael, and Meghan Drummey worked long and hard for the last 10 years to organize and run the parade every year.

This year’s parade was a huge success because of the tireless planning by the Parade Committee. We await next year’s parade and hope for an even more joyful and successful parade celebrating a spectacular holiday.

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