As a homage to the upcoming football game between Malden and Medford, nearly the entire student body of MHS participated in Spirit Week; three days consisting of outfits pertaining to the day’s theme. These days included Pajama Day, Wacky Tacky Day, and Blue and Gold Day, which was also the day of the traditional pep rally.

The seniors practicing their pyramid.
The seniors practicing their pyramid.

The pep rally opened with Malden High’s newest dance team, the Malden High Lions. Entertainment continued with the Malden High Step Team and the cheerleading team, and then closed with the wildly popular dance group, Airbound.

Constructing a human pyramid, pull ups, basketball throws, and the tug of war were only a handful of the activities that took place at the pep rally. Each grade’s representative team competed for the most points and at the end of it all, the seniors took first place with the

The Malden High Cheerleaders performing during the pep rally.
The Malden High Cheerleaders performing during the pep rally.

sophomores in second, the juniors in third, and the freshmen in fourth.

Each grade created banners to represent their year and presented them at the pep rally, where teachers judged them and gave their grade points to their overall score.

“Participating in spirit week gives students an opportunity to have some fun and take a break from all of the gruesome work they’ve been having.” Freshman Cindy Siu says regarding the importance of Spirit Week.

Senior advisor and math teacher Berenice Diaz stated that this year her favorite part of Spirit Week was “[the] pep rally and the banner making. The banner was something I was really looking forward to this year because I get to see everyone’s perspective and what different things they can do, I find it very cool.”

Diaz added that her favorite part in past Spirit Weeks that she misses are the hallway decorations. “Hallway decoration is really something I wish the school brought back. It was way more intense than it was today.” She thinks it’s really important for Spirit Week to exist because “it brings the whole school together, it unites us and kids who don’t really participate in school, usually do when it comes to spirit week.”

This year, Diaz had many favorite moments but the one she could definitely say was memorable was the “[the] pep rally, no doubt, and when everyone dressed up in blue and gold. Various students get to meet one another and have great experiences through them. It was great seeing a lot of different people the activities that took place.”

“Spirit week is important because it shows Malden High as a whole entire community and it’s a way of expressing your creativity.” Sophomore Alicia Devereaux states.

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