Alumni Hall of Fame: Kevin McGlinchy

Kevin McGlinchy, a Malden High School graduate, is a former professional baseball player who pitched in the Major Leagues from 1999-2000 with the Atlanta Braves. He described his experience as an MHS student to be “fun, adventurous, [and] with a serious business approach.” The teachers and classmates of his class created an enjoyable atmosphere for him.

Directly after high school, McGlinchy moved to Ocala, Florida to play baseball for Central Florida Community College (CFCC). He attended for one year, “to experience the college life.” Shortly after playing for CFCC, McGlinchy signed a contract with the Atlanta Braves.

Growing up in Malden, baseball always occupied a big part of McGlinchy’s life. His journey began when he was a kid playing stick ball down the school yard. He stated, “It was all about having fun until the street lights came on, which meant it was time for dinner.” When playing at Devir park, McGlinchy described to have been trying to mimic one of his favorite Red Sox players, Dwight Evans, when standing up at bat.

As a big fan of the Boston Red Sox team, McGlinchy’s father took him to baseball games regularly, especially when Roger Clemens pitched. He explained that his father would always emphasize on Clemens’ form and mechanics, and reminded him to pay close attention. His father taught him that “[he] would be capable of doing what [Clemens did] on the mound, if [he put] in the work and dedication.”

Once McGlinchy reached age twelve, he began to be recognized with his name in newspapers. He commented that "[he] seemed a lot taller than [his] fellow teammates, and could throw the ball fast.” He worked with his father consistently on his pitching mechanics. McGlinchy explained that his father showed him all there is to know, when it came to ball control, the ability to throw strikes, and, especially “how to be a fierce competitor.”

It reached a point where his pitches grew too fast for even his father to catch anymore. McGlinchy became dominant and continued throughout high school. Around his junior year at MHS, his coach, Coach Freck, would take him to various workout camps, where many college and professional scouts were present. By his senior year, he was throwing balls at 90mph. Before he knew it, there were a dozen scouts at Pine Banks, clocking his velocity with radar guns. McGlinchy “was getting more and more recognition, but even still did  not know how good [he] really was. [He] just acted like any other kid on the team.”

McGlinchy’s experiences as an athlete and a student have led him to who he is today. There are many ups and downs to being an athlete such as feeling pressure and dealing with injuries. He explained that“overnight success led [him] to the Major League Baseball, which was very exciting, but at the same time [he] felt like a small person in a huge world.”

Looking back, McGlinchy describes that he often thinks about how things would be if he did anything differently, but he “cannot live [his] life with regret.” He believes he has accomplished great things in his life. He learned and experienced that with his talent, it was easy to get to where he was, but it was hard to maintain that level.

McGlinchy now lives life aware of what he attained and feels proud. He tries to pass on his knowledge and experiences to other student athletes, hoping to help fulfill their dreams. He believes education is a priority. He encourages these athletes to never give up, to be well rounded, and to make good choices, surrounding themselves with people who really want the best for them and will lift them up. McGlinchy’s motto is, “only you can determine your destiny.”


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