Boys Lacrosse Profile: Calvin Woo

Malden High School’s varsity boys lacrosse team is incomplete without junior Calvin Woo. Though at first Woo was a complete novice, and was not aware of what exactly he was getting into when “[he] was persuaded to join [the team]” during his freshman year. Over time, his “love for lacrosse grew” and now he is dedicated member of 3 years and plays the specialized position of long-stick midfielder.

Woo describes lacrosse as “as unique sport of violence and teamwork,” and as much as it is fun to watch, playing it is what Woo loves most. To Woo, “the intensity of the game” is what makes lacrosse such an amazing sport. His favorite part is when after all the intense practice session, he’s able to “see [all his] improvements as a player” during a game.

Woo’s goal going into the season was for the team to make the playoffs, an achievement that has not been accomplished in years past. If MHS is able to reach the playoffs, it “would be a huge milestone for the school.” Also, whether or not it happens this season, winning the Greater Boston League is always major goal.

Looking back on the season so far, Woo confesses the win against ex-GBL member Revere High School to be very memorable. At the end of the 4th quarter, Malden and Revere were tied, 10-10. Woo admits how the moment “was a very nerve-racking.” During overtime, MHS was able to pull a win and end the match 11-10.

Lacrosse is very dear to Woo and he recommends the sport to everyone, expressing to those reluctant that it isn’t “a sport of natural talent” where “putting in hard work, time, and effort” is what matters most. He acknowledged that at some point in this endeavor one may get demoralized, but if they can push through, then “nothing feels better than overcoming obstacles.”

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