Girls Track: Q and A with AmaLika Lucien

1) What do you love about track?

I love the fact that when attending practice or attending a track meet I can always challenge my capabilities every time I run, I set different goals for myself and run ten times harder than my previous track meet or my previous track practice. Track has become beyond a sport to me, and now is more of a habit!

2) What made you join?

In 8th grade during field day we had a relay race and I ran the fastest I could, ever since then I was inspired to do a sport involving speed. So when I joined track and realized how fast I was, I began to just love it and realized that I can be an amazing runner and make it into the Olympics one day.

3) How does it feel to be in your final year of track and high school in general?

To be in my final year in track honestly is very despairing, especially because of the amazing coaches that have only helped me improve and become greater at what I do. Being in my final year of high school has taught me a lot about myself and my surroundings. It feels great to have made it this far, just to know that I'm moving on to reach my goals.

4) What will you miss about MHS?

As tedious as I find homework to be, I will always miss the little push from teachers to do my homework and how it will get me to be far in life.

5) What will be memorable track and MHS memories?

My best memories of track is being able to make it to states all 4 years of my high school life. Best memories of high school is just when thinking everything could go wrong finding different ways of bringing yourself back up & ten times stronger.

6) Any advice for underclassmen who do track or want to do track?

Give it a chance, a majority of people quit track because of the intensity. But without intensity, how do you plan on becoming superior? Hell yeah you'll die, but you'll have the best rebirth.

7) What are your plans or goals for after you graduate MHS?

After high school, I plan on continuing to run track. Also, to be in the Olympics is a goal. I'm not sure 100% what I want to major in yet.

Sophomore Manel Soltani

8) What kind of person is AmaLika during track?

She is a very hardworking and dedicated runner who cares not only about the advancements of herself, but the team as a whole.

Coach David Londino

9) What advice do you have for AmaLika as she moves on from MHS and its track team?

If she is able to apply the effort that she has put in track at MHS, then she will definitely excel at the next level academically, and in track, if she chooses to run in college.

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