After fifteen years of being at Malden High, the time has come for English teacher Matthew Evans to part ways with teaching.


“I graduated [high school] in 1968,” Evans observed. Upon arriving at MHS in 2000, Evans was surprised to see how similar Malden High was to his own high school. “My first impression [of Malden High] was kind of centered around cafeteria smells, and I was astonished when I was in homeroom and the announcements came on and we all stood for the Pledge of Allegiance because in the real world, that kind of thing doesn’t really happen.”


“I’ll miss my students most of all,” Evans said. “Although I had many collegial and very friendly relationships with other teachers, I’ll miss my students. [Working at Malden High] has had a very positive effect because in the time that I’ve been here, the school has improved steadily and the morale of the staff and students have improved as well and it’s a very good thing to feel to be a part of something like that.”


Fellow English teacher David Londino comments, “Ever since I met [Matt Evans], he’s always come across as a really nice guy. He’ll answer any questions you have. He’s just a great guy to work with. His best qualities are his patience, his understanding, his willingness to help others. He’s always just really level-headed and really cool.”

Evans teaching a class. Photo by Meghan Yip.
Evans teaching a class. Photo by Meghan Yip.

Not only has Evans made an impact on his colleagues and older students, but on his first-year students as well.“Mr. Evans is currently and probably always will be one of my favorite teachers,” Freshman Rachel Eaglin remarks. “His dedication [sets him apart from other teachers]. . .Some teachers don’t take as much initiative into making sure the class understands everything but I think [Mr. Evans] does.”


Evans has been shown to push students to their full potential, as shown by Eaglin’s initial reaction to her recommendation for AP Language and Composition. “I didn’t want to do [the class] at first because I was afraid of the workload and how difficult it would be. But, he asked me to come after a few days after school and persuaded me. I’m thankful for him to do that for me.”


“[Mr. Evans] is a genuine person at heart and really wants the best for everyone,” Freshman Cindy Siu added. “When we’re in a class discussion or talking about a lesson, he always refers to his past experiences and it’s just interesting to see his perspective. I think I’m going to miss going to the class. The class itself is pretty relaxing and I can always look forward to it because of Mr. Evans and his teaching style.”


“[After I retire], I plan on reading. A lot.” Evans said with a laugh. “I have a very long reading list. I like The Odyssey and I like Great Expectations and I like Macbeth, but it will be nice to read some other things after all these years reading these texts over and over again.”

Evans 2 Color
Evans at the podium. Photo by Meghan Yip.

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