Dear Nedlam,

Summer is coming really soon, and while I’m totally excited to not be in school, I’m afraid that I’ll end up doing nothing and leaving all of my summer work for school till the day before we get back. Any ideas on how to make the most of your summer? Thanks

Excited for Summer


Dear Excited for Summer,

Many kids face the same issues as you do, easily getting bored over summer break and leaving summer work to do last minute. However, I feel that getting your summer work done first thing is such a relief, because then you don’t have to worry or think about school work for the rest of your summer! Although it can be difficult to motivate yourself to do so once you are off of school time, it really takes such a big weight off of your shoulders.

The best way to get your summer work done right away is to start off by taking stock of what you need to get done. For some people it is easier to get the bigger projects and essays done first to get them out of the way, others start small and work their way up to the bigger things. Try to see how long it should take you to complete it all if you work on it an hour or two a day. If you are really ambitious you can try to get the majority of it done in a few days and then have tons of time to relax. Other people like to work on their summer stuff a bit of a time throughout the vacation. However, I think it’s faster and more satisfying to get it done earlier. Plus then you can see if you need help on a certain worksheet or project and are able to contact either someone who understands how to do it or a friend to work on it with you. Always allow time for fun, don’t deprive yourself till you get everything done, take some time to enjoy the fact that it’s summer! I also recommend doing your homework in a setting where you have to focus and be studious, like the library, that way you won’t have the chance to get distracted as much as you would at home. If all else fails, try to set up a reward system with yourself. Like, if you do three pages of math then you can go out for an icecream, or if you read two more chapters of your assigned reading you can go to the beach, stuff like that so you will feel more motivated to get your work done.

As for keeping busy during the summer, there are plenty of things to do and try if you know where to look. Maybe you’ve been wanting to take an art class, try out a sport, or get your driver's permit/license (if you are old enough), do it this summer! If you’re always complaining that you don’t have money, instead of begging your parents for more, try and get a summer job. It might sound like a boring way to spend your summer, but if you find a job that you like it might be more satisfying going to work everyday, plus then you’ll have cash to spend… Or if you’re the type of person that likes to help for free, volunteer. I think that the program is closed now, but the math summer course that Malden High offers is actually a great way to keep your brain fresh over the summer and it gives you the chance to skip a math class. Besides those things, whatever you end up doing with your friends, like going to the pool, the beach, the movies, will be tons of fun no matter what because you are with your friends, and you don’t have to go to school the next day. Hope this helps and hope you will enjoy your summer!

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