Malden High School New Librarian

Malden High School is giving a warm welcome to new librarian, Mary Liberge. Before making her way to MHS, she was a librarian at the Ferryway School. Liberge originally had wanted to pursue teaching, but her passion for books steered her towards being a librarian. She loved fiction novels as a child and continues to today.


Liberge aims to be an understanding, respectful, and fair teacher. She enjoys talking with students about books and loves to see that students enjoy reading and working hard. Liberge expressed the importance of “[becoming] lifelong readers” and added that “a book will always be a good friend.”


Freshman Vivian Dang described Liberge as “nice and doing a great job as a new librarian.”  Senior Matt Le is in agreement about Liberge’s approachability, commenting that she is willing  to “help students and will do the same for this school.” In addition, Principal Dana Brown stated  that she has “done an excellent job by transferring from a K-8 school to high school.” Liberge looks forward to the rest of the year at MHS.

Mary Liberge in the Malden High School Library.
Mary Liberge in the Malden High School Library. Photo by Meghan Yip.

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