New Teacher Profile: Caitlyn Quinn

Caitlyn Quinn posing for a picture. Photo by Meghan Yip.
Caitlyn Quinn posing for a picture. Photo by Meghan Yip.

Malden High School is excited to welcome Caitlyn Quinn, the new and enthusiastic Holland House guidance counselor, to the Malden community. Originally from southeast Connecticut, Quinn moved to Boston following her college years at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. She has resided in Boston for the past three years, participating in the Americorps for a year and the Boy and Girl’s Club, where she was a teen director for three years.

This sparked the beginning of Quinn’s experience with teenagers, a passionate interest she always harbored as she has been consistently interested in working in a school environment. From having an innate connection with students and a fondness for one on one settings, Quinn decided that guidance was the right path, and so she joined Malden High School’s staff, a few months after finishing her Masters degree in Guidance.

Transitioning to Malden High School has been a busy and engaging experience, but the helpful and amicable nature of the student body has made it an easy transition for Quinn. She is already an active member at the school and is ready to experience everything Malden High School has to offer.

In her spare time, Quinn enjoys participating in activities from exercising in the scenic city of Boston to exploring the city and the events hosted there. Her friends and family make up a significant part of her days as she enjoys being surrounded by her loved ones. She is also eager to dabble in new hobbies such as cooking, inspired by cooking shows she watches.

Aside from adopting new pursuits, Quinn is especially keen on developing relationships with the many student of MHS. Quinn stated, “In these first couple of weeks [ she] feel[s] like [she has] met so many students – even if it is only for  a very brief or quick question or schedule change – but [she] feel[s] in that instance [she] learn[s] so much about students and how different they all are.”

This year, Quinn looks forward to getting to know her students beyond just academics.  It is an opportunity that she loves having as a guidance counselor, as every individual at the school is following their own aspirations. Quinn loves the diversity of the school from students’ identities to their goals and finds enjoyment in assisting them with their future planning.

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