Hello Everyone, and thanks for reading the first From the Editor of this year. My name is Jasper, and I am the Managing Editor of Web for the Blue and Gold this year. While this site has been alive and kicking for years, one of our primary goals now is to increase our online presence so that you can see all of great work that doesn’t make it into the physical editions each month. Along with consistent and high quality content each day, we are going to be publishing a From the Editor Tuesday through Friday each week so that you can hear what we have to say about the paper, the city, the world, or anything that we find notable that day. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a taste of who the Blue and Gold is through these posts, and hopefully you’ll read something interesting every day when we make these posts.


I’ll keep this post brief so that you can explore the rest of our work, but before you go, make sure to take a quick look outside and think about the amazing astronomical events that have happened recently. On Sunday, people across the world had the opportunity to see a supermoon lunar eclipse, an exceedingly rare event that last occurred 30 years ago. Even more significantly, NASA scientists have just confirmed the presence of seasonally flowing water on Mars, with the possibility of life on the red planet seeming more possible now than ever before. What a time to be alive.


I hope you all have as good a Tuesday as the extraterrestrial enthusiasts are having right now.


Until next week,

Jasper, Managing Editor of Web

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