Senior Richard Melgar poses for a picture. Photo by Ana Kerr.
Senior Richard Melgar poses for a picture. Photo by Ana Kerr.

Senior Richard Melgar has been a member of the Malden High School boys varsity soccer team since his sophomore year. Soccer has always been a part of his family; it is in his roots. It all started when Melgar was nine years old; he added how “in [his] opinion [he] started a little late but [he] picked it up quickly and seriously started playing on a team at the age of 11.”

Family is Melgar’s main reason for playing soccer. Growing up, Melgar was always fascinated by seeing his family play and how there were so many different and interesting foot techniques involved in soccer. Melgar has learned and improved a significant amount in the past three years that he has been on the team, admitting that “every year there is always something [he] could improve on.”

As seasons come and go, the love that Melgar has for the game continues to grow, and considering the fact that it is his last year at MHS, he is truly trying to absorb all that he can during his last season. Melgar has so much love for this sport, everything about it inspires him; but something Melgar will never forget are the wild bus rides coming back from away games, mentioning how “seeing [his] boys smile and spread their love for the game just makes [him] realize that [they] are the reason he sticks with the sport.”

Memories are what Melgar got most out of being part of such of an amazing team. The best part of it all to Melgar was being able to play with his best friend, fellow senior player Matthew Acuna. Melgar says explains why, saying the because “[he is] a right winger and [Acuna] is a left,” the two “always got each other’s backs.” No matter what Acuna and Melgar are going through, they always hype each other up as if it was their last game. It is a bond that Melgar holds dear to his heart, that thanks to MHS soccer, he was able to forge.

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