With the Malden High School football players giving their all on the field, cheerleaders have been working just as hard. The girls practice long and hard and senior Captain Brenna Murray confesses how the captains always aim “to do everything as perfect as possible because it is not fair [to the team] if the captains are the ones doing something wrong.”

The team has been doing well so far, with senior captain Danielle Copson saying how “everyone seems to get along for the most part, so it has been a good season so far.” Murray is a bit more critical, explaining how she feels the season has been “alright, other than having a few struggles.” The girls this year have put in a lot of work into the season so far.

The team has a “solid routine and [they] are working really hard on it” explained Copson. Murray expressed “the goal this season is to be back-to-back Greater Boston League champions and make it to States.” Murray and Copson, are truly motivated to lead their team to greater heights than years prior. As such, the girls confess that while in years past, they may not have always be the most punctual to practices, but now they are renewed and “actually show up to practice on time,” as they wish to meet their goals and set a good example for the underclassmen.

Murray wants to be able to “make it a good last year,” since she “[has] been cheering for Malden since [she] was four. To go along with those sentiments, Copson expands upon Murray’s words, saying how during senior year, “You can’t be afraid to put your foot down sometimes. Even if it means being rough on the girls, it’s what’s necessary to get things done sometimes,” and “the games are more enjoyable, because they are [their] last ones.”

There’s been a lot of changes in the competition routine, but there’s always those people at practice that just keep a positive attitude so that helps a lot. Senior Kamila Regalado expresses how “[she] believes that since the captains are different this year the dynamic in the team is different. It is like a new environment.” Regalado explained how “there’s so much trust involved in cheering that [one] can’t help but develop good relationships with them.”

With solid leadership and every one of the girls driven, MHS expects a lot from their cheerleading team this year.

The girls anxiously watching the football game. Photo by Cameron Witham.
The girls anxiously watching the football game. Photo by Cameron Witham.

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