Junior Gianna Giuliano has been involved with the cheering team ever since she was in 3rd grade. Giuliano also played softball last year, but states she currently looking into playing lacrosse instead this year.  For Giuliano, her grandmother has been a huge influence on her, especial as a child, because, her grandmother was a cheerleader in high school as well. Due to that influence, it made Giuliano try cheerleading. Soon, she fell in love with the sport and has been ever since.

Her favorite part about cheerleading is working hard to hit a stunt she's never hit before. No matter how many times she may fail at first, being able to achieve success after trying so hard, so many times, is the best kind of satisfaction for Giuliano.

To Giuliano, "cheerleading [has always been about] being part of a team and the teamwork.” Giuliano feels that “everyone has their own work to do and [the sports allows] all [the girls to] come together to work as a whole for one big purpose.” She confesses how she loves the experience “of being a role model to [the underclassmen on the team who are] trying to be able to improve as much as you do."

For this season, Giuliano strives to "work harder than the year before and win the Greater Boston League championship back to back.” Not only is that her goal, the team breathes the same sentiment as her. She feels this year will be a great one as in comparison to years past, the team is extremely unified this season, on the field, and in their hearts.

Senior captain Danielle Copson admits how “[Giuliano’s] stunt group is really solid and she is hitting all of her skills this year.” Copson also confesses how "[Giuliano's] one of the most improved cheerleaders on the team.” With all the hard work Giuliano puts into practice and improving all her skills, Copson explains how Giuliano definitely become “an asset to the team. One of the best parts of Giuliano, as Copson says, is how “she’s always smile and bring a positive attitude to practices, games, or whatever it may be,” a belief echoed by the rest of the team.

Gianna Giuliano. Photo by Leila Greige.
Gianna Giuliano. Photo by Leila Greige.

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  1. Gianna, Nana is so proud of you & all the girls working so hard in cheerleading. Hope you girl’s win!! Go Malden!!

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