Girls Volleyball Sets the Season

When the Malden High School girls volleyball team began holding tryouts, they did not know what to expect from their upcoming season. They had to adapt to a new coach they had never met nor played for before. Having a new coach was intimidating. Senior Captain Brianna Grant confessed that “none of the returning varsity players knew who the coach was going to be and having it be [her] senior year [she] was nervous because [she] knew [the team] had the potential to be a great playoff team.” With such talents on the team, Grant explained how “[the girls] didn’t want to have a new coach [who would] affect how [the team was] going to do this season.”

After meeting new head coach Dan Jurkowski, the nerves and tension soon went away once the girls realized that he was all about his team and bettering them. Senior Victoria Tortora admitted how “[she] didn’t know what it would be like having a new coach [during her] senior year, but coach Dan has proved that he is more than acceptable.”

The new style of coaching that Jurkowski brings to the team helps to motivate the girls giving them confidence to make smart plays and work together. On the first day of tryouts Jurkowski got right to business informing his team of his goals for the upcoming season. These goals include winning the Greater Boston League and making it to the second round of states.

Last year the girls tied for the GBL title with their rival school Medford High, but with nine hard working seniors on the Malden High team currently, hopes are high for a solo victory this year. These seniors also plan on making it one more round in states compared to last year. Overall the team is likely to have a dominating season better than any other.  

Now almost halfway through the season the girl’s goals are within reach. With a record of 3-0 so far in the Greater Boston League, their hope for a solo victory of the league seems to be becoming a reality. By beating Stonehome 3-0 on the second of October, the team advanced their record to an overall of 9-2. Having nine wins under their belt, the volleyball team has already made school history giving them their best record in recent history.

If the hard work and determination continues, the girls will surely soon break even more school records and exceed their own goals. At the pace the girls are going at, the girls will not only be able to reach the 2nd round of the State tournament, they are likely to go even further. The girl just need faith in themselves and the belief in their skills and potential. MHS can’t wait for what is in store for its girls volleyball team.



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