Fellsmere Pond Park is a popular place to walk or relax, but on Sep. 19, 2015 the park hosted the Harvest Moon Festival . The festival included a live concert, bouncy house, food trucks, stands from other work place like the”Monkey King Tea.” people with their own business to share their plans or spread the word about their own event like volunteering.

The festival usually takes place from 11am to 4pm. Malden High School Interact club, MHS principal Dana Brown, and many others attended the Harvest Moon Festival to help the people to set up and participant like face painting and pumpkin patch making for children.

As you walk around the Fellsmere park during the Harvest Moon Festival, there are always children jumping on the bouncy house, people buying food like fried dough and ice cream from various restaurants or caterers in Malden, and enjoying pony rides. Every Harvest Moon Festival has a new atmosphere each year: different people, food, events, and performers.

The Harvest Moon festival this year was the 11th annual event. The festival had started in 2004 by the Oak Grove Improvement Association (OGIA), who have been serving the community since 1897. The festival’s  purpose is to raise the volunteering and fundraiser for cretia and for public groups like the Zolda Club, which is a group of students from Malden High School.

The Harvest Moon festival is an annual event in Malden, and were many people at the festival; some of them recently discovered it. Dana Brown the principal of Malden High School has Harvest Moon Festival for a long time. “I love the festival because it brings family together, brings out a lot communties and a lot good informational tables, communities partners, the music over there is always good, the dances are good, food is good. I think it’s just a great day for people to go.”

At the event, Brown walked around to engage in conversations with the people at the Harvest Moon Festival. Brown stated that, “More groups should get involved,” and he thinks it is, “a really great event. It's good to give back to the community, to volunteer, and to have a great time.” Brown also feels that it is good for the community to come together at events like the Harvest Moon Festival.

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