When I think of Thanksgiving, ideas of family, food, and memories come to mind. But this holiday is often overshadowed by the biggest shopping day of the year; Black Friday. People become more concerned with the sales offered by stores on Black Friday rather than the holiday that receives national recognition for time off from school and work to spend time with friends and family. Instead of gathering around a table, people camp out on sidewalks and street corners to be among the first customers to purchase sale items. In this way, people choose to celebrate retailers, not family and friends. Such enthusiasm over materialistic items demonstrates priorities in today’s society, as shopping is valued over spending time with loved ones.

There is a certain madness that overtakes shoppers on this day. The stores are crowded with fearsome shoppers who ravage through items and argue with other customers and employees all because of mark downs. I myself have participated in the Black Friday phenomenon, waking up in the wee hours of the morning when it’s still pitch black out, half asleep with the intent to buy products at reduced prices. But I have found that the sales do not always meet expectations. Prices are not necessarily reduced to amounts that make the day worth your while. Also, sales may start before Black Friday or continue after the day so that shoppers receive the same deals for more than one day.

Some people choose to spend their holiday shopping, but they are in turn requiring employees to also spend Thanksgiving break at the stores. Rather than having the biggest shopping day of the year the day after Thanksgiving, I think it should be scheduled for a different time so that people may celebrate the holiday the way it was intended to be where family and friends gather to share a meal. 

I cannot speak for everyone, but I would much rather spend my Thanksgiving at home, enjoying a day filled with family and food instead of camping out in the cold in front of a store. Next Thursday you can find me seated at my table, stuffing my face with turkey to later be passed out on the couch, and I wouldn’t want my Thanksgiving any other way. 

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