Editorial: Is it the End for Bacon?

In recent days, there has been yet another discovery that everything we do and everything we eat in America somehow causes cancer. The most recent victim of media-induced cancer hysteria? Bacon. Or more specifically, red and processed meats. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer)  has published findings listing delicious red meat as carcinogenic, or cancer-causing.

As with most mainstream media now, news stations and online forums all jumped on the story with wild connotations and exaggerations on what the data and the numbers presented actually mean. Some dismissed it all together, and some claimed red meat to be just as dangerous as cigarettes, this of course not at all being true.

So, should you be worried? Ultimately that is up to you. For more information on the topic, I’ve linked a video here regarding the report and what it actually means, created by Hank Green (yes, it’s John Green’s brother.) Also listed in the video’s description is a plethora of sources that may prove useful in launching your own investigation, if that’s what you fancy.


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