In this new year many of us have set resolutions whether it may be to eat healthier, help others, or be more academically focused. But how many of us actually follow through and accomplish our goals? Eight percent, that is according to research from the University of Scranton (Pavini). 

In an effort to help myself as well as others to successfully achieve New Year’s resolutions, here are some tips with hopes of aiding us in our endeavors. 

1. Set realistic and reasonable resolutions. 

Setting high reaching goals for yourself is great but may be too ambitious and fail to yield desired results. Instead, opt for making short term goals that have long term effects (Pavini). It is much easier to chip away at smaller goals than to attempt accomplishing bigger goals all at once. When achieving small victories make sure to celebrate them in some way because they are important in some way if only to you. 

2. Make time for your goals (Pavini).

How can you expect to reach your goals if you don’t have time for them? Designate time during the week to work towards affecting change for your desired outcome. 

3. Share your goals with others (Pavini).  

By stating your goals aloud, you become more accountable for them. “People who explicitly state their goals are more likely to keep them” (Pavini). If no one knows your resolutions you are less liable to fulfill them and avoid failure, but in turn you also avoid potential success. So tell your friends, family, teachers, anyone at all your goals and they may check in to see your progress and help to motivate you. 

4. Change your goals.

It’s okay to amend your resolutions to make them more tangible. Also, New Years isn’t the only time to set goals for yourself so don’t be afraid to add new goals to your list. 

5. Have faith in yourself.

We make goals. We try to achieve them. We fail. But don’t give up on yourself. Stay positive and try multiple times and different ways to meet your goals. If you’re not able to reach your resolutions, don’t worry because there’s always next year!

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