Malden Public Library Valentine’s Day Party

On February 11th, the Malden Public Library hosted a Young Adult Valentine’s Day Party. The party was from 3:00-5:00 in the Maccario room and was for anyone in grades 5-12.

The party offered multiple different forms of entertainment. They had arts and crafts, board games, and a Wii. They also offered food, like pizza and cookies, and different sodas.

During the party most of the kids were entertained with the Wii. They raced each other while playing Mario Kart and it was obvious that they were having fun. Although most were occupied with the Wii, there were some at the arts and crafts table.

The party provided cards,markers, and stick on hearts that allowed anyone to make Valentine’s Day cards for their loved ones. There was also bracelet-building kits so that there would be a gift to accompany the cards.

At the table was the person who ran and planned the entire party, Patrick Brennan. Brennan is the Information Librarian. When asked about the planning for the party he said that he takes into account different people’s interests and tries to have something there for everybody.  His goal is to “try to make a fun space in the library for young adults”. While at the table he encouraged others to try and make their own bracelets and kept everything under control.

There are many events every month at the library. There’s a lego club that meets every 1st thursday of the month and coming up on the 25th there will be a movie playing from 3-5. If you are interested in attending any future library events you can go here.

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