Girls Tennis: Courting a New Season

Along with Spring and the prospect of warm weather, comes the new sports season. Tennis, one of MHS’ most beloved sports begins again for the spring season, tryouts being last week. This year, MHS’ girls varsity tennis team is captained by senior Blue and Gold member Emma Ceplinskas and senior Sushan Chen. The team is now coached by Julie Fox.

Last year was a great success for the girls’ varsity tennis team. Senior Laura Suarez called it “phenomenal.” The team practiced a lot to become as great as they are, improving on skill, with visible progress.

Junior Sam Tso has been on the team for three years and has “loved every year.” She expects the for new coach  to “fit right into [their] team.” Tso credits her joining the team to “not only play tennis, but to have fun.” What sets Malden’s team apart from the others “is how close [they] are to each other.” Tso’s goals include stop putting so much pressure on herself, while playing, and trying to balance the skill and mentality of playing tennis.

Suarez, who has been on the team since her sophomore year, has a goal “for the team to be GBL champs once again.” Like Tso, Suarez believes the team’s “strong bond with one another” sets their team apart from other teams. “[They] cheer each other on during games and support each other no matter the outcome of the match,” says Suarez, on the closeness of the team. A personal goals of Suarez is to “hone in on [her] skills” and to “reach [her] full potential,” on the court.

The players expect this year will be as fun as last year and full of effort. With the support of one another and determination of the players, this year will be as good as the last, continuing to be undefeated in the GBL. Last year, the varsity girls tennis team won nine matches and lost only six. The team expects to do as good, if not better than this past season.

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