Softball Profile: Senior Danielle Copson

Senior Danielle Copson posing for a picture. Photo by Nada Tuffaha.
Senior Danielle Copson posing for a picture. Photo by Nada Tuffaha.

1. What is one thing you will take away from your high school experience?
“Malden High School in particular introduced me to some pretty incredible people. Some of my closest friends now, I met in high school and I can’t picture how my life would be without them”

2. What will you miss about Malden High School?
“The staff at Malden High are always there for you. I’ve never felt at one moment I couldn’t talk to someone.”

3. What will you miss about softball?

“I’ll miss the competition and playing the game. When I’m playing softball I forget about everything else that’s going on while I just focus on the game. It’s my go to activity when I’m stressed.”

4. Will you continue pursue softball later in life?
“I haven’t really made up my mind yet. I’m definitely not going to try to walk onto the UMASS Lowell team, but maybe I’ll play a club sport.”

5. What are you most nervous about after high school?
“I’m most nervous about being in a new environment. I’ve been in Malden my whole life, and now I’m going to be living in Lowell. I won’t be right next to all of my friends and my family. It’ll be hard adjusting at first, but I know it will be worth it in the end.”

6. What prompted you to play softball?
“I started off with t-ball when I was younger and I enjoyed that. My dad also played on an adult league for softball so that encouraged me to play considering I looked up to him.”

7. What other sports have you played at MHS?
“I participated in many sports throughout my high school career. Freshman year and sophomore year I ran indoor track, and sophomore year through senior year participated in fall cheerleading. My junior year and senior year I did winter cheerleading.”

8. What was one of your biggest high school achievements that you will cherish?
“Getting accepted into college was definitely one of my biggest achievements. I can’t wait to grow and create new experiences”

9. What was one of your biggest achievements throughout your softball career?
“My biggest softball achievement was when I hit my first home run. It was in high school during my sophomore year.”

10. If you could give advice to an underclassmen who wants to play softball, what would you tell them?
“I would encourage any underclassmen to play softball. It is such a great experience. You’ll meet so many new and supportive people and develop friendships with people you would’ve never imagined.”

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