The Class of 2018 Hosts Car Wash Fundraiser

On Saturday Apr. 30, it was a very successful day for the sophomore class as they held their second car wash to support the Class of 2018. Over 100 cars were washed by students in the Class of 2018. Students who weren’t washing helped by holding signs and collection jars and selling beverages to lure drivers to the event.

About 30 students volunteered for the event which was coordinated by their advisor, Chemistry teacher Kate Haskell. The car wash proved to be a successful fundraiser for the class having raised over $900.

Sophomore Jenna Kelley stated, “The car wash went really well [because they had] a lot of [students] show up to help wash cars…[with help from students holding signs] if too many cars were waiting and there were not enough people to wash them.”

Sophomore Dianna Lara Jimenez added, “It was a very beautiful day for a car wash, which really helped [students] to get customers to come.” Jimenez continued, “[Students] got to wash an ambulance and the mayor even stopped by [so] it was a really fun way to spend time with classmates and fundraise at the same time.”

The Class of 2018 will also be hosting a Dockside Night as another fundraiser on Wednesday Jun. 8 at the Dockside Restaurant on 229 Centre Street. A portion of the money put towards customers’ meals will support the Class of 2018. They will also be raffling off baskets to customers that night. There is another car wash scheduled for the Class of 2017 occurring on Saturday, May 14.

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