Malden High School is excited to welcome a new addition to the English Department, Brian Wong. Wong was born in Peabody, Massachusetts. Wong has traveled throughout most of the United States, which made a huge impact on how he started working at Malden High as an English teacher.

Wong always loved English when he was in high school but never imagined being an English teacher. During his time in high school, he started working in libraries in Westwood and Natick for four years and then got his masters degree later while working. He went to school for audio engineering and thought that was going to be his career, but decided that field wasn’t for him. Wong then started working at the Apple Store for about a year in detect training and enjoyed it very much, prompting him to go back to school to later receive two bachelor degrees. Wong, then moved on to getting a job here at Malden High.

Sean Walsh was part of the team that interviewed Wong during the process of hiring him. Walsh enjoyed his fun and positive attitude he emitted at the interview.  Walsh noted that ”[he thinks that Wong] brings to us some great energy and enthusiasm. [Wong] also is someone who [Walsh thinks] brings a real understanding of social and emotional mindfulness, which is really important for the student population.” Walsh also thinks that Wong “has a lot of things that are strong and positive aspects to the community.” Every Friday, Wong does “shoutouts” in his class, which is when students share something that they are grateful for. Wong would ask them what they value because he believes that it gives them a sense of respect and the comfort to share and grow. Walsh believes that students will respond well to Wong.

Margaret Giberson was another member of the team that interviewed Wong. Giberson had a lot to say about Wong’s personality and how he has a lot more to offer due to his path to becoming an educator. Giberson also said “My first impression of [Wong] is that he’s extremely enthusiastic and charismatic. You can tell immediately that he just wants to engage his students in a meaningful way.” Giberson was glad to have someone like Wong working within the English department at Malden High.

New English teacher, Brian Wong. Photo taken by Ryan Hames.
New English teacher Brian Wong. Photo taken by Ryan Hames.

Wong has two pet cats, Stormy and Rae, which he absolutely LOVES to cuddle with. Stormy is 10 years old, diagnosed with liver cancer, however; he seems to be walking and eating well. Rae is 6 years old and was found and rescued while she was a stray. Wong also used to speak Cantonese from ages two to four, but lost everything he knew once he started school. Wong noted that “[he is] really ashamed that [he] lost it.” Wong encourages his students who are bilingual to be grateful because it is very unfortunate to be able to do something, and suddenly realize it’s gone. Wong hopes that he will be able to help his students learn, grow, and value their opportunities that lie ahead.

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