Malden Creates: Letting Creativity Shine

Malden Creates is a new local business that helps support creative action in Malden.  They work with anybody who has any ideas they want to make a reality, including businesses, artists, musicians and various cultural organizations. It operates to consider every perspective possible and aims to have those perspectives represented in a creative form.

Ose Schwab, the chief instigator for Malden Reads, explains that the organization originated because “[she] met so many artists and directors of cultural organizations who were doing really wonderful things that the community didn’t necessarily know about”. Schwab “thought it would be great if more of these artists, musicians and performers do performances and work in Malden”. She also noticed who many artists and cultural organizations contribute their time to work for free, and she believed “it would be nice to give these organizations funds in the form of grants and business sponsorships”. Personally, Schwab hopes to “help people find resources that would enhance [their] ideas and enable [them] to do things in Malden with more visibility”.

Malden Creates Logo. Logo designed Elena Martinez, of Artfort Design Studio.
Malden Creates Logo. Logo designed Elena Martinez, of Artfort Design Studio.

Malden Creates presents various opportunities to current and aspiring artists. An idea Schwab has had is a mentoring program that can offer young and aspiring artists and musicians the opportunity to get support and guidance from professional artists and musicians She explains that “[she] would like to place an ‘artist in residence’ at each of the six schools in Malden where [students] will have the opportunity to talk to real-life artists”. She wants Malden Creates to “open the lines of communication to provide more opportunities for artists to submit work through community projects”.

One of the projects that have been complete by the organization include bringing a Nordic vocal ensemble to Malden for the first time. Schwab explains that “the idea [for the project] was to bridge the cultural divide and open a window to a different cultural view”. Schwab also started a talk show called InsideMalden, which Schwab states is meant to “introduce Malden to itself through introspective conversations with change makers in Malden”

Malden Creates also allows people to propose ideas for current or new projects and to fill in for volunteer positions for certain events. The organization is hoping to have a youth presence in its projects and volunteering positions as Schwab states. Some volunteering positions that youth can participate in include a social media person, greeting people who walk through the doors of events, project managers, and performance program designer.  “[she] would love to have [students] help me come up with ideas on how to market and projects that [they] would like to see funded.

People of all ages can become involved in Malden Creates by going to their website.

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