Fine Arts Club Hosts Zombie Tag 2016


On friday, October 28, 2016, the Fine Arts Club held a game of zombie tag in the halls of Malden High School to show their Halloween spirit.

Tickets were being sold outside Cafe B during lunch block throughout the week, and after school on Friday in front of Cafe B, where students were lining up to get in on the fun. The Fine Arts club was able to raise $234 on Friday.

Cafe B was packed with the people playing lined up against the wall, waiting to receive their headband that will determine if they’ll be a zombie or human in the game. There were a total of 78 people playing in the game, and people were huddling together in teams making alliances and plans on the best way to stay alive without getting infected by the zombies.

The rules of the game were simple, humans had to wear a yellow headband around their arms to identify their humanity, while the zombies had to wear their yellow headbands wrapped around their necks. The goal of the game was to try to stay away from the zombies, and throwing socks at them to freeze the zombies, which would buy them 30 seconds to escape capture.

Students playing zombie tag.
Students playing zombie tag. Photo by Falyn Kelley.

Students playing the game were only allowed to run around on the second and third floors from Holland house to Jenkins house and finally to Boyle house. No one could hide in the classrooms, nor the bathrooms. Some members of the Fine Arts club were monitoring the students on the cameras in the main office to oversee that no one was breaking any rules, while some of the others monitored the hallways.

After club advisor and MHS art teacher Joseph Luongo and the Fine Arts club officials explained the rules to everyone in front of the cafeteria and everyone got their headbands, the masses raced around the school trying to hide from the zombies whose identities were unknown.

People were sprinting to hide behind corners, doors, stairwells, and just about any nook and cranny they could find with their ammunition of multicolored sock balls. Socks went flying left and right as the air was filled with the sound of fierce battle cries.

All in all, the event was a great success as always with all the students having fun. MHS looks forward to the future zombie tag events that are held.

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