• Malden Welcomes New Police Station

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    On saturday, October 29th, 2016, residents of Malden were invited to a tour of the new and improved Malden Police Station on 800 Eastern Avenue.

    The huge location change is leading up to the new development of Malden Square, including the demolition of the current City Hall building which will start up in the month of February 2017.

    Previously, Mayor Christenson noted that the police station was the main component of this project since moving the inmates to a temporary locations wasn’t easy. The old police department on Pleasant Street is in the process of being torn down also. Construction started around in August and ended in the month of October.

    The state of Massachusetts provided about 9 million dollars for aid with the MassWorks Infrastructure Program funds. An approximate worth of 120 million dollars was invested by Jefferson Apartment Group for the new development on Pleasant Street. Many sections such as the Patrol, Criminal Investigation,and Traffic division are included in the department.

    A benefit to this new addition is the community function hall that will be opened to the residents of Malden, which was not offered at the old police station. 

    Malden continues to grow and expand and hopefully will continue to do so and help benefit the whole community.


    Neden Bernadin, a Junior at Malden High, is in her third year of the Blue and Gold. This year Bernadin would like to report on local news this year. Bernadin is a very shy and quiet person who likes to stay home and do homework after school. She reads any genre of books and is currently reading “ The Great Gatsby” in English class. She likes to listen to country music but likes any type of music. Bernadin states her favorite class this year is journalism because of how interesting and different it is from other classes she has taken. Her role model is her mom because she is very protective and cares a lot about what she does. Next year Bernadin is visiting family in Haiti and wants to know more about her culture and origin, but her dream vacation is Hawaii. Her favorite food is pizza and her favorite place to go is the mall. After high school she would like to go to college but doesn't know which college to attend or what she would like to major in.

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