Sherrill Nichols is a woman that just recently moved from Seattle and is now living with a family in Malden.

Nichols originally came to Boston for a job interview, but since it didn’t work as well as she hoped it would, she had a backup plan and is now working in the field of accounting. She is currently searching for her own place to live in the Malden area while her husband is exploring options elsewhere for their family.

With her and her husband, lives her dog Violet and her three cats, Precious, Jewels and Aurora, which she loves with all her heart. Once they get settled, she wishes to travel more with her husband and possibly move to an area overseas like Mexico, Italy, Spain and or Greece.

Nichols went to Heald College in California where she got her first degree in sports journalism and got her second degree at Indiana University Purdue University in hospitality. Then got her third degree at The Chef’s Academy in Indianapolis for her Culinary degree and is now working on her PhD in metaphysics.

Nichols has had several jobs throughout her lifetime, but would say that there are about 2 or 3 jobs that she enjoyed most. Working for the NBA and the NFL for ten year’s as a sports journalist at Media Relations and Radio was one of these jobs. The other job that interested her would be when she had her own restaurant.

Her and her husband currently run their own gemstone company. Nichols also worked on broadway as a payroll administrator meaning she oversaw payroll benefit, human resources, unemployment and workers compensation. She said she “liked it as far as watching the shows being put on and seeing the end product but you work a lot and [she] wasn’t that much into musical theatre as [she] thought [she] would be. [She] liked some of the shows but [she] worked 60-70 hours a week.”

What influenced Nichols to go after several different job careers was her great aunt. When she was little, she was partially raised by her great aunt and she always told Nichols to never wonder, “what if?” Her family is there to support her decisions in trying tons of different things. Nichols says, “they always support me in whatever [she wants] as far as what makes [her] happy and so [she’s] tried a bunch of different things and their all things that [she’s] always wanted to try and so [she] figured some of them [she loves] and some of them not so much.”

While is English is her first language, she learned to speak some french, some Spanish, some Farsi and a little Portuguese. She learned to speak French and Spanish in school while she learned Farsi from her husband’s family and online courses. In the times living with me and my mom, she caught a bit of the Portuguese language and with help from knowing a little spanish. She went to Culinary School, and studied Asian and French cuisine and she branched out and tried various different recipes from different cultures.

Then from her husband’s family she learned to cook Afghan food and from there, her friends and members of their family have taught her to cook foods from their cultures as well. This includes learning how to make Colombian food from her best friend’s mom and she then had a catering business where she planned parties, weddings, etc. Learning how to make all sorts of foods has especially helped her in her catering business because it was useful when trying to get a person’s specific request. Nichols also enjoys baking, specifically because she loves being so creative when decorating. She says “[she tries] new stuff all the time, [she’s] always trying new recipes and then if [she likes] them, [she] sometimes tweak them to what [she likes].”

Nichols was in a jazz band when she lived in Chicago. She was a vocalist and knows how to play the piano and guitar. They would record in a recording studio and got cds they would record and this was about 10 years ago. She still loves to play the piano and is still musically inclined by listening to all sorts of music from all over the world and once she and her husband get settled here, she wants to recreate her music studio in their house so she can “have fun with it.” Nichols loves ballroom dancing. She even competes in dances such as the waltz, tango and the foxtrot.

What’s great about it is that she can do something she enjoys, while getting a great amount of exercise with it.

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